Diamonds In The Rough Consulting

Every Business deserves to Shine!

For Businesses: We are a marketing strategy consulting company for businesses looking for quality public-relations publicity or to increase their brand awareness, client acquisition efforts and brand visibility using principles of social psychology to focus marketing goals and strategies. We provide exposure to a young professional network in the Philadelphia and Tri-State area as well as the Metro District of Columbia, DMV (Washiington DC, Maryland and Virginia).

Our most popular service is Business Representation. Through this service, we represent a number of businesses and provide added exposure by being a professional referral source for those who are looking for a "Diamond In The Rough." 

What classifies a business or brand as a Diamond In The Rough? A business that offers high quality of goods and services at an affordable cost is considered a "Diamond In The Rough." A number of partnerships have been forged with several distinct and unique companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and service providers that qualify for this distinction.  An elite level of specials are offered exclusively to our members through our "DITR Membership."  Members are referred to an exclusive network known as "The Exceptionals."  This membership provides an even higher level of quality goods and services at an irradiated value. These offers are reserved for exceptional businesses and exceptional customers/clients that appreciate offers that are mutually beneficial for all parties involved.  (Find out more by clicking the links within the description.)

For Individuals: We specialize in providing personalized profile assessment and consultation for those who are conscientious of how they present themselves in social and professional settings as they interact with friends and colleagues. By improving in these areas they can establish and maintain balance in their lives and unlock their true potential.

For an individual to stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it is crucial to plan for your representative image to not only keep pace with, but to enhance your personal and professional growth. There is the person you are...and there is the person you are meant to be.  We help those two people merge into one.