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PR Publicist Representation

As a business or a brand, it is important that people see you in the way that you want to be perceived so that you reach your target fan group or marketing group. A public relations publicist can help enhance your brand visibility, speak for you, do damage control and not only help keep your public image in tact, but will help to merge your presentation with your ideal image as much as you would like them to be merged.


Receive marketing exposure through the DITR network.  Brand awareness and Brand visibility are the overall goals.  Marketing is used as a way to also increase client/customer acquisition, which is the main way to prove proof of concept as well as proof of demand. You can receive a level of exposure that matches your financial preference and goal timelines.

Publicist (Events)

Events are for "in-vivo" consultations and image enhancement sessions.  Image enhancement can happen on the scene where the consultant can see what you're doing and saying and how you are presenting yourself "in the moment;" and can offer more specific, targeted consultation to you on the spot. 

This is ideal for those who want fast results and who enjoy experiential learning. 

If interested in any of these services please Contact Us to inquire about rates and set up appointments.