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Inter-relations Profile and Research

A profile is constructed using information gathered from the client (and if permitted) from up to 3 close friends and up to 2 acquaintances/colleagues.  This information is compiled and presented to the client.  The profile is explained and helpful strategies are given for achieving the client's goals based off of the information provided.

IRI Enhancement Sessions

Interrelations Enhancement Sessions occur after a profile has been compiled (above).  The sessions help the client to continue to sharpen his/her skills in improving his/her interactions and professional/social relationships.  The client is encouraged to agree to at least three sessions.

Interview Prep

Interview prep services are for the professional or developing professional who has difficulty in interacting with others.  If nerves and anxiety keep you from presenting the wonderful skills you possess in the professional world, this is the service for you. 

Others may feel that they do not know how to "dress for success." Get healthy tips on powerful fashion that can help to "seal the deal!"