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Perceptual Profile and Research

A profile is constructed using information gathered from the client (the business) and members of the clients audience, clientele, customer base and consumers to discover whether the business is being perceived the way it intends to by it's target market.  This information is compiled and presented to the client.  The profile is explained and helpful strategies are given for achieving the client's goals based off of the information provided.

Perceptual (PRP) Enhancement Sessions

Public Relations Publicist Enhancement Sessions occur after a profile has been compiled (above).  The sessions help the business to continue to improve their image in their public's eye.  The goal is to take the information discovered in the profile and find out if the business is being perceived the way it is intended to be perceived by it's public.  This includes it's marketing strategies, it's interactions and it's professional/social relationships among members of the business/organization.  Specialized techniques and strategies are given to the client to help accurately adjust these factors.  The client is encouraged to agree to at least three sessions and the sessions are scheduled to meet according to the client's availability.