Diamonds In The Rough Consulting

Every Business deserves to Shine!


Diamonds In the Rough Consulting provides inter-relations consulting services for individuals and serves as a public-relations publicist for a variety of clients that include:

Individuals: Men and Women who would like to enhance their professional and social  presentation through our unique inter-relations consultation.  These clients' identities are kept confidential to protect their privacy.

Arts and Entertainment: Authors, Models, Actors, Social INTERtainment (Interactive Entertainment TM)

Businesses: Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Companies, Organizations and Corporations

Services: Law Offices, Office Management, Graphic Design, Financial Advising, Relationship Consulting, Management Consulting

Public Figures: Celebrities, Politicos, Orators, Motivational Speakers, Radio Personalities etc.  

If you have a brand, business or service and you would like to gain added exposure from being a Membership Partner through the Diamonds In The Rough approved list of businesses...

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