Diamonds In The Rough Consulting

Every Business deserves to Shine!


Mission Statement

Diamonds In The Rough Consulting specializes in brand awareness, client acquisition, public relations, and developing creative and unique events that assist with marketing initiatives. DITR represents several clients in the Tri-State, DMV (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) and mid-west areas. Diamonds In The Rough Aims to enhance the visibility of the quality of all it's clients by using social psychology to bring a unique polish to their current marketing strategies that makes businesses more noticeable by their targeted populations.

DITR strives to offer exceptional small businesses the opportunity to get premiere exposure through the DITR Business Network and the combined efforts of all of those within the DITR Family.  This exposure enhances the opportunity to connect with other businesses and business owners' and assist each other's specific goals.  This mission will  help build strategic relationships with entrepreneurs and their ideas that are so unique and rare that they have the pleasure of being called a "Diamond In The Rough."