Diamonds In The Rough Consulting

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  • Are you an aspiring consultant or entrepreneur? 
  • Are you interested in gaining experience in a lucrative field, but find it hard to get your foot in the door?
  • Are you looking for a position that can help you get credit as an intern in business, marketing or consulting?

Then the Diamonds In The Rough Internship Opportunity is for you!!!

Diamonds In The Rough Consulting consults a variety of businesses and individuals who would like to improve and enhance how they present themselves professionally and socially.

There are currently 4 internship positions available at Diamonds In The Rough Consulting. Each intern will assist the company with maintenance and operation of its day-to-day business activities.  These positions are for serious, business minded individuals who have an interest in learning more about inter-relations (IR) consultation and the public relations publicist business.  Interns are more than just personal assistants, they are mentees of a new and exciting area of consultation.  Interns will be actively participating in DITR's clientele acquisition activities, marketing, project management, and office management. 


Business Mentee ---1 Position Available
This will be a leadership position. The business mentee will work closely with the CEO of the company  and will be in charge of assisting with all necessary operations of the company.  This is a learning position and is paid, not as sustainable income, but as a fee-for-service compensation.  The greatest value is learning a new business model and learning how to apply it to future business carer opportunities.


-Learn an assist with executive functions of DITR and its affiliates and clients.
-Assist with trade shows and special events to promote company and increase attendance.
-Research and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials. 
-Collaborate on team presentations for management and clients.

Project Manager---1 Position Available 
This will be a leadership position. The project manager's duties will be in charge of overseeing the social media intern as well as effectively conducting weekly business duties and delegating appropriate tasks to the management team.


-Maintain Social Media accounts for DITR [will be in charge of overseeing the social media manager]
-Maintain DITR Blog 
-Research possible venues and dates for workshops and seminars
 -Maintain Virtual Office
 -Manage scheduling

Social Media Manager ---1 Positions Available
Social Media Expert needed for added exposure, strategic and timely posts on media and media accounts. Our Social Media Intern will be responsible for making weekly updates to our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked in pages with new content and open positions. Our intern will also have the opportunity to do research current trends and incorporate new ideas into how we interact with our network over various media.


-Maintain social networks per calendar, including Facebook, Twitter, Website/Blogs
-Work alongside Project Managers per their instructions, and assist PR Manager in maintaining consistency for media coverage per the calendar year
-Update Twitter (Daily)
-Maintain DITR Facebook Fan Page

Document Editor
---1 Position Available

-Draft relevant business documents
-Edit documents
-Place documents on Letterhead
-Edit Business Stationary

Note:  These positions are now PAID. Interns will be paid and promoted upon evaluation of dedication and service to the DITR brand development and it's affiliates.  In other words, interns will be cultivated to be future executives.  The interns will partake in all perks of the business and will have access to some of the same connections and resources through the DITR network.

All interns must be able to work for a minimum of  7 hours per week (Mon-Friday), with one designated day for a meeting lasting at least a half hour.  

Interns must have a smartphone equipped with social media and other applications (with sufficient data plan) and or a laptop/tablet with access to the internet.  Must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. Diamonds In The Rough Consulting is willing to provide school credit as well as personal references.  All interns will receive appropriate credits that could be transferable for education credits for work in business/media/graphic design/print media/press, etc.

Interested?  Send your resume and cover letter to: